🤔 What is no-code and the benefits for charities?

No-code refers to a collection of software and platforms that empower anyone - not just trained developers - to build powerful apps, websites and software. Most no-code tools replace writing code with visual development, or "drag and drop". You’ll get the idea if you’ve ever used WordPress, Wix or Squarespace to build a website. Imagine that simplicity when building apps, automations and other digital solutions. It's the IKEA way of building digital tools - simple, functional, easier than building from scratch. With no-code, you can focus on what you do best: making the world a better place.

😢 Before no-code

Time-consuming manual processes

Your team spends hours on administrative tasks like data entry, donor management, and event coordination, leaving little time for mission-critical work.

High development costs

Building or updating your digital tools requires hiring developers or investing in expensive software, straining your limited budget.

Steep learning curve

Adopting new technology can be intimidating, with traditional tools often requiring technical expertise or extensive training.

Limited customization

Off-the-shelf software may not meet your unique needs, forcing your charity to adapt it's processes instead of the other way around.

Slow to respond

Making changes to your digital tools can be a slow and complex process, hindering your ability to innovate and adapt to new challenges.

😍 After no-code

Streamlined operations

Automation tools help you eliminate repetitive tasks, freeing up your team's time to focus on what really matters.

Cost-effective solutions

With no-code platforms, you can create and maintain your digital tools without breaking the bank.

Easy to learn and use

No-code tools are designed for everyday heroes like you, with user-friendly interfaces that make it easier to get started and master new skills.

Agile and innovative

Quickly test and iterate new ideas, make changes on the fly, and adapt your digital tools to keep up with your organization's evolving needs.

Customized digital tools

No-code platforms allow you to create tailored solutions that address your charity's unique challenges and requirements.